Twenty Six Seconds

2 min readApr 25, 2021

Weeks of work. Brainstorming sessions. A lot of uncertainty. The feeling that “maybe we should just become another dog coin instead.”

On April 23rd at 3:00 PST, our plan to actually make a difference in the world was completely validated when the $NEURO presale sold out in 26 seconds.

Since then, Yoshi, Nick and I have been extremely overwhelmed with the response. As of writing, the $NEURO charity wallet is valued at over a quarter of a million dollars. This upcoming Friday, we’ll be making our first donation of many to the Pediatric Brian Tumor Foundation for research and treatment clinical trials.

For many of our holders, $NEURO is a project that hits home. I’m not excluded from that group.

Just a few months after my 21st birthday, despite her remission just before Christmas, my mother passed away from cancer that had spread from her stomach to her brain. It was sudden, brutal and altered the rest of my life. I held her hand and felt the life leave her body. The impacts it had on my family have been permanent.

My story isn’t unique.

Cancer kills 91,250 children globally every year. In that context, at least my mother lived a full life. These children were robbed of a 10th birthday.

One of the leading causes of those deaths and the least understood is brain cancer. The current treatments available can save lives, but also have a tendency to cause permanent cognitive and physical impairments. Research labs working on new treatments struggle with funding on a constant basis.

The current burn wallet for BNB is valued at 3.7 billion dollars as of the time of writing. There is more money sitting in black holes in Crypto than probably anywhere in the world. Imagine the difference that even a fraction of that could make if that were donated to a worthy cause.

That concept was the driving factor behind $NEURO, which donates 1% of every transaction to the charity wallet. Together, the $NEURO community has already made a significant difference in the world that began in just under twenty six seconds.

Our next installment will talk about what happens next. You can get a taste of our roadmap over on the official site, but I’d like to share some of the plans for distributing funds directly to research labs in need, ways we plan to share the wealth with parents who have lost children and the NFT we have planned with a particular musician.

But more than anything, thank you for helping make this a reality. In a world full of rugs, the heart of the cryptocurrency community truly wants to make a difference. And you’re part of that now.





$NEURO is a BEP-20 token that aims to raise funding for pediatric brain tumor research and treatment clinical trials.